Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rollin' with it!

So, while I was running around, getting ready this morning, Brigham was such a good little boy and went in to go use the toilet.  Little did I know that Hunter followed him in there and kept himself entertained while Brigham was takin' care of bidness.  I am sure Brigham was entertained as well, because he did not alert me to Hunter's schemes, and this is the scene I encountered when Brigham announced he was "done"  (MOM, I'M DONE!!!  Yes, we all know the voice when you are called in to the bathroom).  Anyway, I asked Brigham why he didn't tell me Hunter was unrolling the T.P. (the whole entire roll that I had just put on an hour or so earlier).  He said, "Because it was Hunter".  I know for sure that if Isabel was in the bathroom with Hunter she would have frantically called for me because she is such a little helper (tattler). 

I admit, I was pretty impressed with my re-rolling skillz.  Since this was not my first endeavor (Hunter has done this at least 6 other times).  That is why the roll is usually on the back of the toilet and not on the rod.  Curse me for trying to put the bathroom together this morning!!!

So if you ever come to my house and see the T.P. looking like this, just don't ask!