Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation Part I...Denver!

So since David only has a month off from school, we didn't plan any major vacations. He decided he wanted to go visit the pediatric dental program in Denver (He is applying to the pediatric dental residency programs for after graduation. He wants to be a pediatric dentist, which means two more years in the residency program starting next summer). So we headed to Denver so he could spend a few days there doing an externship. He has aunts, uncles and a cousin that live in denver, so we were excited to see them. We stayed with his Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob. They were so gracious to open there house to us and we are so thankful. While David spent his days at the Children's Hospital there, we played with Aunt Mary! The first day, David took the keys to my van, so I couldn't go anywhere. We stayed at the house and played with toys and had fun with Aunt Mary. The next day, I ran some errands, went and saw the beautiful temple they have and went to Park Meadows Mall (the biggest mall in Denver, it was fantastic!). I made a yummy dinner for everyone on Tuesday night. Wednesday, Aunt Mary took me to an amazing fabric shop (Omaha has terrible fabric selection, so I was in heaven. I want to move there just for that store:) and a cute little boutique store with fun house decorations and down east clothes. We had so much fun seeing everyone and getting to know them a little better. I will be totally content if we end up in Denver! Here are a few pictures from the trip:The kids did great with our 9 hour car trip. Isabel watched a few movies and Brigham just smiled and slept the whole time. We have great kids and have so much fun with them! We stopped and ate our lunch at a rest stop. We got eaten alive by mosquitoes and got the wiggles out by running around on the grass. We got together with all our family in Denver and went to this fun restaurant called "Traildust" It has this really fun slide inside the restaurant that is 2 stories high. Isabel went down with Bailey (David's cousins daughter) with a huge smile on her face. Thanks for lots of fun guys!

The posse.

This is the Denver Temple. It is gorgeous! They were doing construction on the front, so this is the best picture, but I still think it captures its beauty.
This is Aunt Mary. She was so hospitable and it was lots of fun to get to know her better. Isabel called her "Ont Murray" and enjoyed playing with the doll bed and the piggy figurines.

Here is uncle Bob. Brigham always had his hands in his beard and would give him a big smile when Uncle Bob "spoke" to him:)
We had a great time there and hope to be coming back next year!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm here to pump, (clap) You up!

Here is our little Arnold Schwarzeneggar (Ahnuld) in the making. Rather than fuss and cry, Brigham grunts like crazy when he wants our attention or he is getting upset. I think it is so funny, what a typical boy not to cry! Enjoy this little video and look how hard he flexes his arms!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July weekend

We had a nice 3-day weekend over the 4th of July. It was not the greatest weather, but we made the most of it. On Thursday after school, we headed over to the zoo and had lots of fun looking at all the animals. Isabel had fun watching the giraffes, monkeys, seals and these beautiful parakeets called budgies. They are bright birds in blue, yellow and green and were so fun!

On Friday, we took turns going to a temple session while the other watched the kids. It was so great to be in the temple and feel the spirit so strong in there. I definitely need to make an effort to go more often. That night we watched the fireworks at Rosenblatt Stadium. We have a perfect view from our bedroom window, so we got to stay in the comfort of our home and watch them.
On Saturday we were signed up to clean our church building, so we did that in the morning. It was kinda muggy and misty all day long, so we skipped the parade in the afternoon and instead took Isabel to see "UP". It was so cute and she kept calling it "up and down" and jumping while we were walking to the theater. We ate tons of popcorn, m&m's and licorice and had so much fun!
Sunday afternoon, we went to this little park by our house called Mt. Vernon Gardens. It is supposed to be this little replica of George Washington's garden at his house in Vermont. It looks fun, but has gotten a little rundown. We had fun playing around with the kids.

Isabel doesn't like to pose very much for the camera, so it was a challenge to get her to hold still for a second.

What sweet little children! They love to laugh at their daddy, and seeing their smiles just melts my heart.

Brigham loves to grab onto Daddy's hair. He likes to pinch my arms too and he HURTS, as you can see from David's expression. We had such a fun weekend and it was great to spend lots of time together. I love my family. We were sad we missed out on both of our family reunions, but tried to make the most of our time here in Omaha. Can't wait to see some family in a few weeks!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More randomness

Here is our B-man enjoying his first popsicle (naughty Daddy). He went nuts when he tasted it and attacked David to get some more. I am sure his tastebuds were going crazy!

The weather was soooo hot and humid last week. When it started raining in the middle of a HOT day, we couldn't resist and going out to play in the mud puddles. Isabel was a little leary at first, wondering what we were doing, but she had fun.

On another hot and terribly humid day, we played in the pool after dinner. Some of the students had a dinner for teaching a pre-clinic course, so some of us got together and had dinner as well and then let the kids play afterwards. It was so fun and nice to cool off at the end of the day. Isabel has learned to drink out of the hose and I think her and the other girls drank about a gallon of water that night. Oh well. there are worse things that could happen huh?

On Saturday we went down to the Old Market in downtown and enjoyed the Summer Arts festival. It was fun to see all the amazing things people can create. We enjoyed a snow cone and some crab wontons and had fun enjoying nice weather.

Enjoying a quick bite after grocery shopping. Isabel loves to get out and watch people. She had fun and ate almost a whole taco by herself (that is quite a feat for our little eater!). I brought some baby food to feed Brigham, but forgot a spoon. Any Taco Bell fans know that all they have are sporks (or fpoons as a commercial calls them). So I had to improvise and used a straw to feed him. It was really funny, but he did great! He loves to eat, so I think he will take it anyway he can get it.

Trying to get some of the water out of the cup. He had just gagged himself with the straw in this one.