Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter 2008

We had a fun Easter this year. The weather was pretty cold, so we didn't do much outside. They had a little Egg hunt here in our complex, so we went out for that. We had to wake up Isabel from her nap, and she was pretty out of it, so she didn't know what in the world was going on. She would sit there while we showed her an egg. Daddy thought it would be funny to take some of the deer sign (poop) and put it in an egg and have me open. Yah, really funny! We colored eggs with some friends, because let's face it, we needed an excuse to color eggs because Isabel can't do it yet! Mommy went a little overboard this year for Isabel. We had an egg hunt in the living room for her. Grandma Bailey also sent a few things for her (Thanks Grandma!). We we laid them all out in plain sight. We would make a big fuss when she picked up an egg. So she got the hang of it pretty fast. She would pick up an egg, eat it and then try and put it in the basket. Then she would look around and as soon as she spotted another one, she would take off crawling super fast to it. Then sit by it, pick it up, taste it and start all over again. It was funny to see her eyes light up when she found one and have a look of such accomplishment when she showed us one she found.
Easter morning, the Easter bunny left way too much stuff for her (again, mommy and Grandma went overboard). She got some cute summer clothes, sidewalk chalk, a kite, stuffed animal duck, a cute board book that I ruined that same day when I put her sippy in her diaper bag with the book and without the leakproof valve, oops!. She got a carebears ball that she loves to play with, a summer hat and a fun kiddie pool for the summer. Can you tell we are looking forward to warm weather? I forgot to get a picture in her Easter dress before church, so the only one we have is after her nap, but I think she still looks adorable. David spoke on Easter Sunday, he talked about the Atonement and it was so wonderful, the spirit was really strong. He always does such a good job. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family, I love my life!

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back!

Here is Isabel enjoying her first baby back rib. It was really funny to watch her eat them. When we first gave them to her, she got this really funny face, like she was grossed out by it. After a bit, she finally picked it up and tasted it. The rest was history. She started biting it and chewing the meat off. When she would eat all the meat off that she could, she got a little mad that she couldn't get any more and would throw the rib (what a temper!). As you can see, Isabel got the bbq sauce everywhere and really enjoyed herself. She is such a fun girl, we always enjoy our time with her.

Isabel's Birthday

Here are the pics from Isabels 1st birthday, finally! She had lots of fun playing with her toys. We took a little trip up to Desoto wildlife refuge and she had fun watching wildlife. Okay, she had no idea what was going on, but David enjoyed it. Isabel liked her cake and figured out how to suck the frosting off her fingers. She is definitely a girl, because she didn't like being messy for long.
A few weeks ago some of our friends took us to a cajun restaurant in downtown called Jazz. Matt is from the south as well, so he knew David would enjoy some cajun food again. It was a really fun atmosphere that the kids enjoyed. They each got a dozen or so Mardi Gras necklaces and Isabel still loves to play with them and try to put them on her. David got a big basket of peel and eat crawfish, but after our adventures up at Scofield this spring, I couldn't stand the thought of eating crawfish yet. We love to try new restaurants, so thanks so much to the Smiths!

catching up

So I know I am waaaay behind in posting pics, so this is the fastes way for me to catch up. Here are some pictures from February and March. Isabel loves the baby room at the children's museum. There are some pics from my birthday and Isabel posing in my new coat. My sweetheart of a husband got me some beautiful roses along with my other presents. We went out to eat at Charleston's (amazing!) and enjoyed a yummy dinner with the richest dessert that we were treated to by our waiter (I guess birthdays do pay off).