Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our sweet 4 year old and Mardi Gras

 I can't believe she is 4!!!  Her birthday was the day after the wedding, so we were able to have a little party with all the Bailey cousins.  She has been asking for a my little pony ever since Brigham's "CARS" cake in December.  I had high hopes to make her a cute fondant cake with a rainbow and all, but as the craziness of the wedding approached, I knew I would not be able to make it happen:(  But I think she was still very excited for her cake and the ponies on top of it.  Even more so, I think she enjoyed her princess cupcakes and had about 4 over the weekend:)  She is just such a sweet little girl and I am so glad she is ours!

 We also had a Mardi Gras party for all the little kids.  Camille's best friend came all the way from Louisiana for Rachel's wedding, and she brought Gumbo and etouffee for us to all enjoy, and man was it good!  She had all the kids do a Mardi Gras parade for us and they had a blast!!!

 No, Hunter did not have to flash anyone for his beads, he got them just for being so darn cute!!!

Rachel and Brett's Wedding

 Rachel and Brett got married on March 4th and it was such a perfect day!  I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of just the two of them.  I think it was cause I knew any that I got would not be nearly as wonderful as the professional photographer was getting, so I left it up to him:) 

These all pretty much speak for themselves, so I hope you enjoyed!  Heading off to Grand Junction for the weekend, so I will update with journaling later:)