Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacation Part II...........Spokane!

After Denver, David dropped the kids and me off at the denver airport, and we headed for Spokane, to spend the week with my family while he jetted off to the Dominican Republic. It was such a fun trip and so nice to be able to spend time with my family and some best friends from high school. My sister, Carrie, had her 5th kid the day we arrived in Spokane (talk about good timing-I guess I am her good luck charm!) These are a few of her kids, playing with Brigham. They were so good to play with Isabel and Brigham and we had lots of fun with them.

I went out to lunch with my best friends from high school. Nikki, had to run back to work, so I didn't get a picture of her :(. There are a few girls missing. I just have to take a moment to let these girls know how much I love and miss them. I was going through my old yearbooks while I was home, and I was reminded of some fun great memories we had. We had soooo much fun in high school. I have so many fun memories of sleepovers, meals at Red Robin, school dances, lunch room stories, movies, malls, and being a menace at school. Just ask me, and I will have stories for you. It was great to see them and share a few laughs. I wish I had more time to see them. Love you girls!

Aisha, Ashleigh, Me and Dianna. Dianna is pregnant with her 2nd. Kaitlynn is Isabel's age, and she is gorgeous! I think we all look pretty much the same as we did, maybe just a bit more mature and Diva-ish! (ha ha, inside joke!)

Here are Isabel and Kaitlynn. Look how shrimpy Isabel is compared to her. These girls played really well together. Isabel was invading her personal space a bit though:)

Isabel was getting tossed around on the trampoline by Isaac (her cousin who is 5 months younger than her, but bigger than her!) I kept trying to save her, but she was laughing her head off everytime she ate it and flopped around. Who knew it was so fun to get beat up!

Enjoying some yummy watermelon from Washington. We had a fun picnic one night with my sister, her hubby Brett, and their family, and my brother Rob and his wife Melanie and their three boys. The weather was so wonderful (I especially loved the DRY heat- it was a great change from our humidity!)

Playing in the backyard with Grandpa G

Playing with my brother's boys. They are so cute and ALL boy. It was great for Isabel to be around some cousins

Brigham was in heaven playing with all these balls. It was so nice to be able to spend time outside and not sweat to death. I love the weather in Spokane and miss it now that I am back in this humidity.
My niece Corissa with her newest Brother, Brogan. Carrie has a great family and we had fun playing with the kids during the week. We wished we could have seen my bro-in-law Brett more, but he was really busy with work and his church calling. Hopefully next time!

All of Carrie's kids with Isabel. She had fun playing in their little pool with them and playing with Corissa and all her toys (especially the barbies and littlest pet shop).

Kissing Cousins! She was showering Trevin with kisses and he was getting a little annoyed, but he was sooo sweet to her!

Playing with Grandpa before we left.
Jumping on the cushions. She was getting pretty brave and having a good time.
We had a great time visiting family and relaxing in Spokane. It was hard to be away from David, but he was doing good work in the Dominican Republic. When I get pictures of his trip from his mom, I will post those.