Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Utah Pics

All the grandkids, except for Camille. They had a blast running around in this field with their glow bracelets at night.

Isabel found this chair that is David's cousins, and she fell in love. She loves anything that is miniature so she can get in it. Now I am on a mission to find a small chair for her.

David's mom was having her driveway done while we were there, and she wanted all the grandkids' handprints in the cement. Camille was gone, so we had Isabel do her hand twice for both of them. They are 6 months apart, but pretty close to the same size:)

All the grandkids, and Rachel. On the very far right, you can see two little footprints that we did for Liz and my babies that are due this fall.

David's youngest sister Rachel, competed in Miss Sanpete County pageant. She had to do it because she won Miss Ephraim for her city. She did such a fabulous job, we were all blown away. The pictures weren't turning out because it was so dark in the auditorium, but I got this good one from our sis, Jen. Isn't she gorgeous? David ooohed and awed each time she came out. I know it is kind of hard for him to see her growing up, but he thought she did a great job! She is such an amazing person. I am so glad Isabel has examples like her of what kind of person she should strive to be. Rachel is so Christlike. She didn't win the pageant, but I know she had fun. It was great to help her get prepared for the pageant! She was our winner! We love you Rach!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Camping in Utah

We had so much fun in Utah! It was nice to have David not worrying about studying for the boards. We had a great time with his family and enjoyed camping in the mountains. Here are some pictures. I have been slacking on getting these pictures up. It seems everytime I try and sit down to post them, Isabel gets into a little mishap. She is so much fun and is growing up way too fast! Enjoy the pics and I will post the rest when I can:)
Smelling and trying to eat the mountain flowers with Grandma

She thinks she is so funny, and she is!

Riding on the mountain with Daddy

Fishing at the Beaver Dam's with Daddy

She caught her first fish and was so intrigued by it!

She enjoyed splashing in Blue Lake

Enjoying the beautiful scenery

Trying to walk around the campsite. She fell so much because of the uneven ground, but she did so good and got much better at walking over the week. Isabel also really enjoyed her candy bracelet and had orange drool all over herself, she was in HEAVEN!

Waking up after a nap in the tent. She loved the tent and got so excited trying to walk in and out. Of course she kept tripping because of the little lip that is at the bottom of the door. She would get mad, thinking someone was making her fall! She slept very good in the tent and she stayed bundled up pretty good.

Isabel enjoyed the dogs, as long as they didn't slobber in her face. She would walk up to them all the time, give them a little poke and then giggle and try and say 'dog'.

She really enjoyed having all the space to wander around. After spending all summer inside our little townhouse with just her mommy, she loved being able to wander wherever she wanted and having attention from lots of people.

Eating steak and veggies! She loved the meat. She would give a really loud, 'mmmm' with every bite of meat. We had such yummy food while camping, I think it always tastes better up on the mountain.

playing with some cousins

Riding the 4-wheeler. I didn't even have to show her, and her hand went straight for the gas. She enjoyed taking some rides around the camp and didn't want to get off.

A bunch of the family found walking sticks and were whittling on them. She found this little stick all on her own and started walking around with it, she is too funny!

This is her cousin Hailey. These girls were so cute with each other. They played really good together and would always give hugs and kisses to each other.