Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving Pumpkins with our "pumpkins"

We carved our pumpkins tonight, since our ward trunk or treat is tomorrow night and we won't have time then.  We had lots of fun with the kiddos tonight!

Eeewww!  She was not a fan of the "guts"

Trying to get momma to do her job of cleaning it out:)

Brigham's newest teether was the lid of the pumpkin.  He was getting some pieces of it and chewing them up...I guess whatever works for ya.  At least it was keeping him happy!

I'm ready to clean a pumpkin!

Just a cute on of them together...not beating up on each other:)

Practicing her "spooky" laugh

Yes! Another piece of pumpkin to eat, thanks Mom!

I just love this pic because it shows all his teeth really well.  What a character.

The final results. 

We had the trick-or-treating at the dental school today.  It is always fun to get all the kiddos together and hang out with our hubbys in their daily environment.  David's sister Liz wanted to buy Isabel a costume.  So we got her a Little Red Riding Hood costume weeks ago.  She was always so excited about it and told everyone that came over what she was gonna be.  Well today came and it was the first time we needed to put it on.  She went NUTS.  I have never seen her get that upset that fast over something.  She was hysterical.  We have lots of things this weekend that she can wear her costume to, so I had to think fast.  So we ran back to the store and exchanged costumes and she picked Snow White out and then we ran to the school with minutes to spare!  What drama. I did not want to give in, but I knew I did not want her freaking out in all these situations with crowds of people, so I buckled!  Don't judge:)

Happy Halloween everyone, more pictures to follow this weekend.  Be safe!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The sun is finally back out in Omaha

After a few dreary weeks of clouds and cold, the sun has come out to give us one last blast of sunshine and warmth before it leaves us for 6 months!  The kids are still getting over their sickness and took turns napping, so we couldn't be out too much, but we did go out for a nice walk after dinner.  I have been having fun playing with my new camera and got some cute shots.  Still so much to learn...

The leaves are already on the downhill end of the color changing.  We love all the beautiful colors of Fall and have enjoyed living out here to see some good Falls

Giving sass to us!  If you haven't passed out yet from this picture, than you are stronger than me!  We cut his hair!!!!!  David tricked me and told me the longest attachment for the hair clippers would only take off  a bit of his hair, but it took off close to 3 inches of his beautiful, soft, blond luscious hair.  I almost cried:(  I know it will grow back, but it was so sad to see my little baby get a BOY haircut.  Oh, if I could only turn back time...

Showing me the flower she picked.  This girl is so sweet to always give me flowers.  Now, whenever she sees a bouquet of roses at the store, she always says (while pointing) "ohhh, Mommy sooo happy!"  She knows I love flowers and always wants to have me smell the ones she picks.  Now I just need her to stop picking the flowers at the Botanical Gardens:)

Trying to get the camera.

Isabel saw Daddy cleaning out the flower garden on Saturday.  So today after our walk, she went over to the shovel and drug it to the garden and proceeded to dig it all up.  She is always so observant and has a memory like an elephant.  She always wants to do what we do.  Lately she won't leave the house unless she has a baby and a purse, just like mommy.  She will go and bring food to Brigham when I am putting him in the highchair.  I love how she watches us and still wants to be like us!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vala's Pumpkin Patch in one word....AMAZING!!!

We have lived out here in Omaha for almost 3 years and this was our first time at Vala's.  We didn't think Isabel was old enough to enjoy it very much.  Man we should have been coming every year, because we had as much fun, if not more than Isabel.  This place is incredible!  We were there for over 4 hours and we didn't even see half of it.  I wish some of you could come out and visit us this month to go to Vala's, it is totally worth the trip out here:)  Here are just a few pics of the fun stuff we did last night.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My two greatest blessings...

We have been keeping busy, but not doing much at the same time. How does that seem to always happen?
I love my children! They are more wonderful than I could have ever hoped for. I have seen even more lately how lucky I am to be a mother and raise these sweet children. Here is some fun facts about each of them so I can remember how great life is right now!
-She LOVES to help. She has always been such a wonderful help to us. She stayed after music time last week to help put the chairs away because she saw some girls stacking the chairs and she wanted to help. Isabel loves to help cook or prepare food and empty the dishwasher and wash the dishes.
-She is learning how to be soft with Brigham. Since he has started crawling, she has had her world turned upside down and is learning that it is not the end of the world if he comes over to play with some of her toys. Those sweet moments when they are sitting together and playing and giggling just melt my heart and make me forget the battles they have.
-She is talking a lot more. She has started to form small, broken sentences and it is hilarious to hear the things that come out of her mommy. I love to hear her say, "Ohh, so cute!" or "ooooh, thank you mommy." She really has pretty good manners and learns to say things even if we don't want her to (guess we better watch our words:)
-She finally loves nursery. She has always had pretty bad separation anxiety, but she is finally able to go in there and let me leave without tears. She is growing up and it is so bittersweet.
-She is still as petite as ever. I love having her little because I don't break my back picking her up.
-She is always reminding us to say our prayers before meals. She says her own prayer at night. We don't understand much of it, but starts out by thanking Heavenly Father for this day, she blesses the missionaries and brigham and daddy and mommy. She asks for help being nice and to sleep good. I love her example and the innocence that she has. Do they really have to grow up???
-She loves to snuggle. She will go grab a blanket and say "coldy mommy, coldy" and want me to wrap her up and cuddle. Oh she melts my heart!
I love Isabel so much. I have felt bad lately because I feel like I am getting after her all the time for beating up, pushing, kicking, smacking Brigham. She will always be my little princess and I get teary eyed just thinking about her sweet spirit and all the happiness that she brings into our family.

-He is now 9 months old: 19 lbs 5oz
-Since he has been crawling he has thinned out a bit. He is up and down the stairs like crazy and starting to cruise all over the furniture.
-He loves music. Just like Isabel, they can't help themselves when they hear a beat. He headbangs, but it is back and forth like he is shaking his head. It is pretty funny to watch him.
-He is learning how to voice his feelings when Isabel takes something away from him. He has learned from her how to scream in outrage and flail limbs in panic. What a temper!
-He no longer likes baby food, he wants stuff with texture.
-He loves it when David comes home from school. He crawls towards him with the biggest grin on his face and opens his arms for David to pick him up. I always love when little kids start to recognize people.
-He gives the biggest smile when you go get him from his crib and starts jumping up and down. He is so affectionate and loves to give hugs. If he needs me and I am in the kitchen making dinner, he will crawl in and stand up underneath me and hold on to both legs. It is so cute but really hard to walk around the kitchen.
-He can say mama when he is fussy. He loves to babble and talk back to ya. Sometimes it even says like he is saying his name...too funny.
-He now has 4 teeth and is working on 2 more. He got his upper laterals before his centrals so he looks a bit like a baby vampire (ooh good halloween costume idea, too bad he already has his costume) -When I am feeding him, he closes his eyes and shakes his head when he is done, like he is trying to make the food go away. If I try and give him another bite, he just closes his eyes again and shakes his head. Kind of a mean trick, but it is good for a laugh.
-Brigham is my special little man. I didn't know I could love someone as much as Isabel, but it happened. I love those moments with the family when we are all just hanging out in the living room and we can sit and enjoy these kiddos. It really is amazing the way they make my heart so full.

Here comes trouble!!!