Monday, September 24, 2007

Too tired for church

Isabel was sitting in Daddy's arms right before church, waiting for mom to get ready. Daddy is a good cuddle partner, and she just passed out. Not even a crooked neck could wake her. I think she looks adorable! She looks like she could be snoring, but she is a quiet breather. I always have to put my hand on her belly to make sure she is still breathing.

Present in the mail - Sept. 20th

We got a package in the mail that had this packing paper. Isabel got hold of it and had the time of her life. I couldn't even distract her with her binky! She is always so interested in whatever we have, rather than her toys. So she loves the phone, tv remote, utensils, paper and food. I had an empty food box that she saw me hold and wanted so badly to get her hands on it. So I filled it with a few beans and taped it shut and that entertained her for almost an hour. I am amazed at how she is becoming more aware of the world around her. What a character!

My Crib! - Sept. 8th

Isabel usually sleeps with her head on the opposite end of the crib, as well as on her back. But she woke up in the middle of her nap and squirmed around a bit until she went back to sleep. I went up to check on her and found her completely turned over with her head where her feet are. It was so cute that I had to take a picture. She was completely zonked out!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Jolly Green Giant!

We tried green beans with Isabel last week, and her taste buds were going crazy! She kept getting these shudders and trying to shake off the taste. I think she will learn to like them. She is always wanting what we are eating, so this is one step closer to grown-up food. We tried carrots today and she liked those a little bit better-no shudders. She is so adorable!

Labor Day Parade

Labor Day is a big deal in Omaha. They have one of the biggest celebrations for Labor Day in the Nation. All weekend long they have a big carnival and lots of concerts (too busy and poor to go to any of the stuff). But on Monday, there was a big parade in downtown. We went with a few friends and had lots of fun. We use the excuse that Isabel has fun, but she still has no idea what's going on. But we have lots of fun and even acted like weirdos to get them to throw us some candy.

It was getting pretty hot, so we were busy trying to keep Isabel cool. Don't worry Grandma's, we kept the 50 SPF slathered on her, and she had lots of ice cold water bottles and a personal fan to keep her perfectly chilled! She still didn't like the fire engine sirens. One person was walking around handing suckers to the little kids, and she came up to me and said "Can she eat a sucker?". Uh, yeah, we feed our 6 month old candy! It was pretty funny. Of course I just said yeah so she would give me the sucker. I can't say NO to candy!!!
There was lots of these big balloons. They had Odie, Bob the builder, this eagle and uncle Sam. It was fun to see how many people it took to control it and see them manuever it around the street light in front of us. During the weekend, there is an Art Car Festival, where people do some crazy stuff to there car. There was about 25 cars in the parade, but I forgot to get the camera out until they were almost gone. This VW bug has one back wheel. They cut the car in half, took out the middle and put it back together, so only one person can sit in there. It's hard to see, but this second car had all sorts of dental and teeth stuff all over it. Must have been a dental student who went off the deep end:)

Who knows what this guy is, but there were several people wearing those weird stilts in the parade. We were trying to get him to do a trick for us, but he wouldn't cooperate. He must have been embarrassed cause he was wearing velour leotards and eyeliner in public.

Blankey time!

Static Cling!

Daddy decided to play peek-a-boo with Isabel with a very static prone blanket. So after a few times, her hair was standing on end. In some strange way, I think she enjoyed it! She is so funny and brings us so much joy. I always laugh when I think about her and all the crazy things she does.

6 Month Check-up

Well, yesterday was Isabel's well-child visit. Here are her stats:

Weight: 15 lbs 2 oz (32%)
Height: 26.5 in. (77%- although, I don't know how accurate the nurse measured, cause she sure doesn't look that tall)
Head: 43 cm (67%)

She had to get her shots and she really didn't like that, especially since the nurse took her sweet time between each shot, dragging out the torture. But while Isabel was sitting up on the exam table, she discovered the tissue paper they have on it, and proceeded to tear that stuff apart. She had so much fun making noise with it and trying to eat it. There was little paper butterflies hanging from the ceiling, and she wouldn't take her eyes off of them, she thought they were so cool.

It seems like she is learning and growing so much. Just in the last week she has learned how to stick out her tongue, shake her head around (at first she did it when she was tired, and now she just does it for fun-must feel cool to make yourself dizzy). Now she is trying to learn how to make raspberries with her mouth. She will start humming and then put her tongue in between her lips, so it almost just sounds like an elephant, but I know soon enough it will turn to the spitting. She is starting to scoot just a little bit on her tummy, but she doesn't get very far before she is tired of that and wants to be held again.
She is so precious to us and we are so grateful to have her in our lives. I can't imagine loving anyone else like I do her, but I know I will with all our other kids we will have. Being a mom is the best job/privilege in the world!