Friday, May 23, 2008

Sunshine and Summertime!

Well, I think summer is definitely on its way. With the exception of the last few rainy days we have been having, it has been very pleasant here. The humidity hasn't come, but we have been having nice, warm weather. I finally got out Isabel's little pool and we had some friends come over. She didn't really want to sit in the cold water, so she had fun splashing from the outside. Isabel and her friend Megan are only 10 days apart and are both petite little girls! Aren't they cute together?
Isabel didn't realize how close she was to the water and kept putting her face in as she would try and reach things. She was getting kinda mad at whoever kept putting her face in the water (silly kid)
Check me out in my cute little swimsuit. Whenever she sees the swim suit, she sits down and tries to put her feet in it, pretty darn cute, huh?

What pen?

Isabel loves pens. She really loves to hold things in her hands. She loves utensils, her toothbrush and pens. If she sees any of the above, she will not rest until you give her what she sees. Then she is content as ever to just hold it and cruise around the house. Well, I was emailing someone a recipe, so I gave her a bunch of pens to play with, knowing it would distract her for a few minutes and she would quit trying to type on the keyboard. Now don't worry, I always make sure she can't get the cap off. Well she got a hold of a retractable pen that I found out is pretty easy to click. After a few minutes of being quiet, she had wandered over to the stairs. I got her attention and she gave me a big wave and looked at me with this face: I know it doesn't look very bad, but I was just so grossed out that she was sucking on a pen. So after some pictures (of course:), we had to go wash up, and she was mad. Why? Because up on the sink was her toothbrush, and she couldn't get to it because I was washing her hands. But the second I handed it over, she quit squirming and calmed right down. Oh, I love this girl so much, she just makes me laugh.

Speaking of laughing, Isabel has figured out how to make me laugh when I reprimand her. She likes to stand at the front screen door and bang on the screen as she yells at people outside. I heard her doing this, and gave a very stern "No, no Isabel, be soft" Instead of getting mad, she proceeds to look over at me, give a big old pageant wave and smile at me. It took me by surprise and just busted out laughing. So she hit the screen again and I tried so hard to be serious, but she knew she had me, so she just smiled again and waved at me. I can't help it, I just started laughing, which made her laugh, so she hit the screen again. You get the idea. Also, sometimes when I shake my head at her doing something naughty, she just laughs and shakes her head right back at me. Uh, oh, I think I am in big trouble with this one.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Can you believe it!

I think everyone knows it, but I just want to shout to the world.....we are going to have another baby! We are so excited. I am due Dec. 10. Pretty good timing since it is right in the middle of David's finals this fall. Hopefully the baby can wait till he is done to make his/her arrival. I have been feeling pretty good, just so tired all the time. We can't wait to see how Isabel does with a little sibling to take care of (or pick on). We feel so blessed and can't wait to expand our family.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

We had David's parents in town this week for the white coat ceremony. David's Dad stayed for a few days, and his mom stayed all week. It was great to have family in town and it reminded us what wonderful families we both have. Being farther away from family has definitely been hard out here, but it is only temporary, right? We got lots accomplished this week. I can't believe how hard it is to get things done when your child wants to be attached to your hip (literally!) Maybe I am just bad at multi-tasking, but it was a great blessing to have help getting my honey-do list done. They helped me lay carpet in our bedroom. We have hardwood floors in the bedrooms, and I have been wanting carpet in mine. Isabel is always crawling around on the floor, gathering dust bunnies because I can't manage to sweep every day. So we found some carpet that already has the pad attached and we just cut it to size and laid it in there. It was such a chore because we had to take all the furniture out to get it to fit and we had to trim around the edges to make it perfect. They were lifesavers. It is no professional job, but it looks SOOO nice. I love carpet!
Grandma and Isabel helped plant my flower bed. I never have time when I go to walmart to pick out flowers, so it was great to have help with that. I also don't know what to plant out here since the climate is pretty different from Utah. Isabel wanted to help and she dug right in. She wouldn't let us use her shovel, and she was so good at flicking dirt all over her. She was so focused on digging and getting it all figured out. It was so cute to see her try new things and learn how to do stuff. Thanks girls, it is beautiful! I also planted a few tomato plants in part of our friend's garden plot in our complex. We can't wait to pick fresh cherry tomatoes from our plants in a few months. I love gardening, but with David so busy this summer and a child that is discovering the fun of dirt, we thought it might not be the best year to do a full garden. So thanks Matt and Hannah for letting us steal a few square feet of dirt!

What a big helper you are Isabel!

Last night, we went out to this really fun seafood restuarant that is inside of Bass Pro Shops. The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was so cool. Plus they had $3 pina coladas! I think Isabel drank half of Camille's drink, that girl loves the sweets like her mama!

Isabel loved having someone else to play with besides just me. We hope we can get some more family to come visit us now. Thanks for a great visit and all the help. We love our families!

White Coat Ceremony - May 5th

David is half way done with dental school! To signify the start of their clinical schooling at the beginning of the Junior year, they have a White Coat Ceremony. This is just an event to signify their milestone in moving more to clinical work and not as much bookwork. It was a lot of fun to see. Now David can work in the clinic at school and put all his skills to work. He has already worked on 3 patients and he really enjoys it. He was a bit stressed this week with it being so new and having to figure out the clinic computers and getting patients scheduled and just working out the kinks, but he is gonna do great. We are excited to be halfway done with school and we realize how fast graduation will come. We love it out here and feel so blessed that he is getting such a good education, that we have great friends out here, we have a great home and we are members of the church. Life is great!
Our little family before the ceremony.

David's parents were able to come out for the occasion and spent some time with us. It was great to have family out here.

Here's the man himself getting his white coat. It symbolizes his move into the health care system. I am so glad he enjoys what he does.

They had to read the student pledge which talks about the type of dentists they will be at Creighton as well as in their professional career.
He was pretty excited:)

This is on the main campus at Creighton. The trees out here are so beautiful in the Spring. But I think I am getting allergies for the first time:(

Camping/Turkey Hunting - April 29th

Well, we had our first camping trip of the year. It was so nice. No one out here was crazy enough to go with us, so we ventured out by ourselves. We went up north about 15 miles from here, across the Iowa border. It was BEAUTIFUL. There wasn't anyone else tenting it at the campground (again, no one was crazy). But it was so pleasant, we couldn't have asked for better weather and camping conditions. Isabel loved being outside and pointed at every bird she saw. She loves the outdoors and always gets happy when we go outside. We did some dutch oven cooking which was so yummy. Some of our friends came up for dinner, because they couldn't get off work to stay the night. It was nice to have company and hang out around the fire.
David finally got his turkey. He had such a fun time and got a really big Tom. We sent it to the taxidermist. I know, I know, but he will only get one stuffed his whole life, and this one was so big, he didn't think he could beat the size. He does so much for me, that it is the least I can do because it makes him so happy.
We had so much fun and can't wait to go camping again. But this time we aren't taking "no" for an answer from our friends, so you all better get your camping gear ready. We need to go before the humidity out here hits 100%!