Thursday, May 10, 2012

Loving Spring time!

We have been enjoying this nice weather, the only problem is I don't get anything done because I have to stay outside and watch them since we don't have a fenced yard.  We have been having lots of fun, getting covered in sand and cruising around the complex.

 These boys sit together and dig in the sand so good.  They usually end up with the sand all over them and Brigham took a hit to the eye and we had to dig the sand out.

These girls were so funny!  They all were toting their laptops around on their bikes and scooters and then sat down to do "their homework" on their compooters!

 Such cute little friends!  It has been so wonderful to have friends and cousins living next door!

Bounce House - 4/24

Santa brought this awesome bounce house to Isabel and Brigham's cousins (who are our next door neighbors).  We had a beautiful day outside and Nicole busted out the bounce house and the kids had a blast.  I love things like this that get all the energy out of the little minnions!  They had a blast and all Hunter wanted to do was climb up the slide and go back down.  That cause severe traffic jams and panic attacks with the other kids because we strictly enforced the rule that they had to go up the steps to come down the slide, they could NOT climb up the slide.  Poor kids can't understand that we bend the rules a bit for the wee ones!  Thanks Nicole for always having something fun for us!  It is starting to sink in that we won't be by cousins for much longer so we are trying to enjoy all the time we have left!

Rollin' with it!

So, while I was running around, getting ready this morning, Brigham was such a good little boy and went in to go use the toilet.  Little did I know that Hunter followed him in there and kept himself entertained while Brigham was takin' care of bidness.  I am sure Brigham was entertained as well, because he did not alert me to Hunter's schemes, and this is the scene I encountered when Brigham announced he was "done"  (MOM, I'M DONE!!!  Yes, we all know the voice when you are called in to the bathroom).  Anyway, I asked Brigham why he didn't tell me Hunter was unrolling the T.P. (the whole entire roll that I had just put on an hour or so earlier).  He said, "Because it was Hunter".  I know for sure that if Isabel was in the bathroom with Hunter she would have frantically called for me because she is such a little helper (tattler). 

I admit, I was pretty impressed with my re-rolling skillz.  Since this was not my first endeavor (Hunter has done this at least 6 other times).  That is why the roll is usually on the back of the toilet and not on the rod.  Curse me for trying to put the bathroom together this morning!!!

So if you ever come to my house and see the T.P. looking like this, just don't ask!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Way too much to catch up on!

Life has been consumed lately with all the details with starting up our practice.  To make a long story short, I feel like I have been so terrible at giving my children the attention they so desparately want.  I feel that every time I sit down to tackle a task on our ever growing "to-do list" for the business, some small (or large) fight, tantrum, mess, meltdown, and general chaos occurs!  I have been hoping my children do not wish they had a mother who had more time for them and I have been wishing that there were an extra 20 hours in the day to get done everything that I need to do.  (Deep breath) But I just continue on and try to do my best.  Give the kids the time they need, and get all the stuff done with the business that needs done.  We are so excited to move up to Sheridan and start our adventure and we want to make the most of the time we have left in Utah!  Here are some pictures to show that we have been alive these last few months!

Brigham really enjoyed cheering for Tebow and became quite good at "Tebowing".  Now that we have Manning, we are so excited to cheer him on as a family!

The kids love sliding down the stairs on their blankets and David even supervised while Hunter rode down with them.

My sweet little baby turned 1 in January.  I can't believe how fast this year has flown by.  He has been such a fun, happy little baby, and I hope he continues to be so!  He is starting to get a little fire in him, and I am trying to get him to communicate more so I can figure out what he wants.  Oh this parenthood is such a guessing game sometimes!
He didn't quite know what to do with the present, so Brigham was more than happy to show him the way!

He is such a little cheese ball!

He was a little underwhelmed with the singing and the cake. 

This was as messy as he got!  I kept trying to get him to destroy his piece of cake, but he would dip a finger in the frosting and then lick it off.  After a few minutes of that, he was done!

He loves to do things that make us all laugh.  When he knows that he does something we all think is funny, he gets so excited and really hams it up for more giggles from us.  These Mr. Potato Head glasses are a perfect example!

"Helping" me unload the dishwasher.  What would I do without all his help?  Oh yeah, maybe get the house clean more often???!!!

So first off, the water is a little pink.  Grandma gave them these little bath tablets that turn the water colors without staining the kids.  Its a lot of fun, but I don't like to put the yellow one in without another color like red or blue, cause it looks too much like they all peed in the water!

The Bearded Lady!!!

We had cabin fever pretty bad and were desperate to get outside for a minute.  They all bundled up on a Sunday evening in March and played on the playground for a bit.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012