Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bounce House - 4/24

Santa brought this awesome bounce house to Isabel and Brigham's cousins (who are our next door neighbors).  We had a beautiful day outside and Nicole busted out the bounce house and the kids had a blast.  I love things like this that get all the energy out of the little minnions!  They had a blast and all Hunter wanted to do was climb up the slide and go back down.  That cause severe traffic jams and panic attacks with the other kids because we strictly enforced the rule that they had to go up the steps to come down the slide, they could NOT climb up the slide.  Poor kids can't understand that we bend the rules a bit for the wee ones!  Thanks Nicole for always having something fun for us!  It is starting to sink in that we won't be by cousins for much longer so we are trying to enjoy all the time we have left!


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