Thursday, May 10, 2012

Loving Spring time!

We have been enjoying this nice weather, the only problem is I don't get anything done because I have to stay outside and watch them since we don't have a fenced yard.  We have been having lots of fun, getting covered in sand and cruising around the complex.

 These boys sit together and dig in the sand so good.  They usually end up with the sand all over them and Brigham took a hit to the eye and we had to dig the sand out.

These girls were so funny!  They all were toting their laptops around on their bikes and scooters and then sat down to do "their homework" on their compooters!

 Such cute little friends!  It has been so wonderful to have friends and cousins living next door!


Summer and family said...

cute pictures and fun stories! Good luck in Sheridan- time goes by so quickly!

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