Friday, August 20, 2010

7 years...keeps getting better!

Monday, August 16th was our 7 year anniversary and we had a great time.  David had to work a long day as usual, but we were still able to go out to dinner.

I am so lucky to be married to this man, he is my best friend and I love him more than I thought was possible.  He is an amazing father, husband, and works so hard for our family.

Sam and Nicole offered to watch the kids for us so we could go out to eat, it was wonderful to have a meal that was uniterrupted:)  After dinner, David wanted to know if I wanted to go walk around Temple Square since we were so close to Downtown.  It was such a pretty night, that I was game!  We started talking about the Anniversary Inn and how we couldn't wait to go back.  We had never seen the one on South Temple, and we drove by it and David asked if I wanted to go tour the rooms.  That sounded really fun, so we swung into the parking lot and went to go see if we could take any tours.  We walk up to the front desk and the lady asked us what the last name was on the reservation.  David said "Bailey" and I thought he was just teasing the lady and scolded him for tricking her.  The lady just giggled and then asked for a credit card to put the room taxes on and David hands it over to her!!!  I was totally caught off guard, he had arranged a room for us!  I was so overwhelmed and surprised that I started crying (hey, give me a break, I am pregnant!).  Sam and Nicole gave him a gift certificate for it that they got from the Easter Bunny (we were gonna get one this next year, so David said he would give them ours next year, so they did a little switcheroo).  They offered to watch our kids overnight and he took care of all the details.  He even packed an overnight bag for me and remembered things like makeup and facewash (what a guy, huh?)!!!
We stayed in the Mysteries of Egypt room and it was incredible!!!  I didn't have my camera cause I thought we were just going out for dinner, so I didn't get any pictures of the room.  But holy cow, that was a freakin awesome room!  You felt like you were inside of a pyramid and it had all sorts of cool statues and carvings all over.
It was so sweet of him to work that all out.  He had to work the next morning, so Sam brought the kids over to the room in the morning and they watched a movie with me while Sam and David headed up to Primary Children's.
I feel so blessed, I am so grateful to have the life and family that I do.  No matter what our circumstances our, we find a way to enjoy life and each other and I am so happy I get to spend eternity with my family!!!

I love you David!

Trip to Ephraim

David's sister who lives in Idaho was spending a week at Grandma Bailey's house with her kids and since David was so swamped with work, we decided to go down for a few days and play with the cousins.  We live next door to David's brother and his wife, Nicole.  So Nicole and I packed up our kids and made the trek down to Ephraim to play for a short weekend.  It was so much fun and great to see everyone!
It rained right after we got there, and the kids had lots of fun playing in the puddles on the porch.  Brigham was getting some pretty good air before he slipped and fell.  Poor little guy!

One of Isabel's cousins who is a few years older than her was so cute with all the girls.  They would have "girl parties" and go in the bathroom and put on the play makeup.  They were so adorable and the girls were all so excited to be wearing makeup.  It was hilarious, because they would come out of the bathroom looking VERY done up and they thought they were princesses.  I am glad I don't have to worry about her wearing makeup full time for quite a few years, we have lots to learn about the "less is more" rule of thumb with makeup:)

We took a picnic to Palisades and went swimming for a few hours.  It was so nice because it was so hot that the water felt nice.  The kids could have stayed all day long they were having so much fun.

Brigham spent the whole time just playing in the sand.  He would wade into the water up to his bum and throw sand and then come back out.  He did try to walk out to Aunt Rachel who was a ways out and we barely got to him before he went under.  It is scary how fast those kids can get away from you!

The kids had popsicles out in Grandma's back yard and they were loving life.  We always sleep good at Grandmas cause we get so tuckered out.  We went out for pizza one night and my little brother who just moved to Ephraim for Snow College came and met us.  It was hilarious because David's mom and sister met him and then immediately started brainstorming of who of Rachel's friends they could set him up with.  They called a friend right up and asked her to come down and introduced the two to each other, it was great!!!  Caleb was a good sport about it and has actually become friends with the girl, so that is nice, huh?