Friday, July 22, 2011

From the mouth of my babe!

So my kids are always saying such funny things, and then I forget them because I didn't write them down.  Here's hoping that I can change that!

-Last Saturday, we were cleaning the house as a family (actually the kids were running around making more messes as David and I tried to clean any part of the house:)
I was in the kids' bathroom and had just started mopping the floor to finish up that room, and Isabel walks up to the doorway, stops and says "oh, it smells Beee-autiful in here Mom!"  "Thanks for cleaning my bathroom".
You are welcome Little Dove!  Glad to know the smell of cleaning chemicals brings a smile to your face, cause it certainly does to mine:)

-A few days, we were all at the table (I think we were eating dinner, see I can't even remember all the details from such a short time ago!).  We started quizzing the kids about silly things.  What sound does a cow make, what does a monkey say, what color is grass???  I think we asked them what sound a baby makes, and Brigham lets out the funniest baby cry, we just busted up laughing.  David asked Isabel, "Where do babies come from?"  I was totally expecting her to say "from Mommy" or something like that.  Hoping for an innocent answer and no more inquiries requiring further details to a 4 year old.  But instead, she smiles and get kinds of quiet, and slowly says (like we are silly for asking cause everybody knows the answer), "From Heavenly Father".  You are so right sweetheart!  What a blessing and reminder that they are so innocent and perfect!

On another note, Hunter just turned 6 months old on Tuesday and he has had his 2 bottom teeth for 3 weeks!  Yikes, and they are sharp:)  I think his upper teeth are starting to work their way down because he spends much of the day spitting (tongue between his teeth and blowing HARD!)  I think it provides some relief to him, plus the other kids laugh at it, so he enjoys providing entertainment to them.  Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!  He is starting to laugh a lot more and he is enjoying his first tastes of fruits and veggies.  He has never turned away from any food I have given him, when my other two took some time to learn to like certain foods.  I love to hear him go, "mmmmm" as I give him spoonfuls of food.  Still waking a few times at night, but I am working on that.  This summer has been crazy with us gone almost every other weekend, so we need to be home for a while so I can help him learn to sleep through the night.

Brigham is turning into such a boy!  He has quite the imagination and it is so fun to eavesdrop on him when he is playing by himself and listen to where his imagination takes him.  He is talking very well and he catches me off guard a lot with some of the things that come out of his mouth!

We are very busy in the initial stages of David pediatric dental clinic.  We will be opening next July and this next year will be super busy and stressful with that, but we are sooooo excited to start the next chapter of our life and make our home in Sheridan, Wyoming!!!