Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sick, sick, sick, SICK!

That is one "sick" for every person in our family. Yep, we are all sick. It started last wednesday when Isabel started coughing and not sleeping good and just had a body flu. Then on Sat. David and I started feeling pretty crummy and congested. Then on Sunday, poor Brigham started coughing too. Yesterday, my ears started killing me and I was getting more sick. So I went to the Dr.'s today and apparently I have an ear infection (who knew you could get them when you are all grown up). So I got put on antibiotics. Then I thought I better take the kids in and make sure they are okay (since we are flying in 2 days). So Isabel has an ear infection, and Brigham has....yep, RSV. My worst nightmare. It is not in its worst stage, so it can get worse, which scares me. I thought david had a sinus infection so I sent him to urgent care when he got home from school so he could get on antibiotics and not give as many germs to Brigham. But, no he just has a cold, so the dr. told him to get a bunch of over the counter meds. You should see our kitchen counter, it is littered with antibiotics, creams to help with diaper rash (for Isabel, not for us), cold medicines, salines, honey and nyquil. We are a pretty sore looking bunch. David gave Brigham a beautiful blessing. I just hope it doesn't get down into his lungs. We hope we can still go to Utah for Spring Break and see both sets of parents. I guess tomorrow will tell. And then I have to take him back to the doctor on Friday so they can check up on him. Oh what a crazy week!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My wonderful Valentine!

Today is a double holiday for our family. Not only is it Valentine's day, which is a great holiday, but it is also David's Birthday. An even better bonus was that it was Saturday, so we got to spend a lot more time with him. We started the day off with a yummy breakfast, and then played around with Isabel and just vegged in our jammies. Then we got up and went and got some grocery shopping done (not too exciting, but I LOVED having David's help, so that is just fine by me!). Then David headed off to the school to get some studying done (he has 4 tests this next week and 4 more the week after. They are all cramming them in before Spring break), and I headed home to get stuff done for his birthday. He came home and helped me get the rest of dinner ready. Then we opened his presents. His mom had sent some great clothes for him to use hunting and some warm base layer clothes. I got him a box turkey call (he may drive us crazy practicing with it) and a coupon for him to pick out some sunglasses that he is DESPERATELY needs.
Then we had dinner. We had an amazing prime rib, spinach salad, grape salad, and mashed potatoes. Oh I almost forgot to mention we had bubbly! (sparkling cider, or as Isabel calls it "spicy"). We ate ourselves into a coma (we didn't get the meat sweats Amy, thank goodness!). Then we topped it off with some strawberry shortcake. A day can't help but be amazing when you eat so much food. I will admit that I am a little too obsessed with food, but hey, you only live once, right?
It was so fun to spend the day as a family and show our valentine how thankful we are for him. He truly is such a special person. He is such a wonderful example to me of a selfless person. When we first started dating, he made a joke that he would swim across the ocean without arms for me. So silly, but it is true. I know he would do anything for me and our children, and I am so lucky that he found me in this crazy world. He makes me laugh every day and it does something to my heart to see him with our children. I love him more and more everyday and it only seems fitting that this sweetheart of a person was born on Valentine's Day. I love you honey, thank you for agreeing to spend forever with me!

Isabel came and put this bow on me and then put one on herself. She was so excited and started laughing hysterically. I guess she thinks we are the best presents:)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not much to say

Well, we haven't been up to much lately. In fact, my brain is total mush right now and I can't think of anything. I am excited because I just finished making a video of our pictures from 2008 and we are going to watch it for family night tonight. I went to the cannery on Saturday and got lots of food storage (which make David wince because then he has to find a place to store it all). Our children continue to make us smile and fill our hearts with love and gratitude. We feel so blessed. I will go play with my kids now and bring more news if we do anything exciting!
Here are a few scrapbook pages I have done. It is pretty addicting, but I don't have much time to work on them right now. I hope I can stay up on it somewhat to get a decent scrapbook going.

We checked out the ice fishing derby at a nearby lake. You've never seen so many ice tents! It was a really nice day too, so it wasn't too bad being outside

Here's our little guy flashing us a few smiles. He is such a happy easy going guy. It is so cute to see him smile at Isabel when she is mauling him. He is very liberal with the grins when he gets a clean diaper put on.