Monday, February 22, 2010

Recommittment to Blogging

Yes family, I am recommitting myself to this little family blog.  I can come up with an array of excuses, but will just make it quick and say that I have been a lazy blogger lately.  But we have been having fun and taking pictures, so I will try my best to get caught up and keep you all updated on our little family.  Here is a quick rundown on life lately:

-David was gone for almost 3 weeks in October and November going to interviews for pedo residency.  It was such a blessing to have interviews, but so hard for him to be gone so much.  I think I "checked out" for a bit, but we are alive and well.
-spent christmas in Utah with the Baileys.  We had fun scrapbooking, copying recipes, playing charades with the grandkids, eatting ourselves into comas, and enjoying our time together.
-Came back to Omaha where there was more snow than you could shake a stick at!  We are still enduring the snow piles and freezing weather here.  I long for the days I can go outside in a sweatshirt and let my kids run around on the grass.  We have not seen any grass or been able to play in our front yard because there was a 10 foot pile of snow infront of our entire front yard.  Not that is the biggest yard to begin with, but I would just love to see flat ground again:)
-In January, we found out David matched to a pediatric dental residency at PCMC in Salt Lake City!!  Even better, is that his brother Sam, matched to the same program!  Yay for fun neighbors:)  So we will be packing up and heading there in May, right after graduation.  Can't wait for that chapter to begin.
-My little brother Caleb is getting off his mission on Thursday.  Unfortunately, I won't see him until May, and it has already been 3 years since I have seen him (wasn't able to come home for his farewell).  It will be nice for our kids to get to know him.
-My other little brother, Kyle, is getting married in March to Lisa.  Sad that  can't make that either as David is in school and we can't afford the trip home:(  Guess that is the price we pay for getting an education, but we hope to see them soon!
-David will be graduating soon and I couldn't be prouder.  These four years have gone by so quickly but seemed to last an eternity at times.  Life has changed so much, but ultimately for the better!
-The kids are growing and changing so fast!  I am constantly amazed at how fast they are growing up.  I need constant reminders to cherish every day and not get discouraged by the little things.
-Isabel has entered the "by mySELF!" stage, which is lovely:)  she is forming adorable phrases and sentences and loves to copy what you are doing.  She loves dress up, princesses, helping mommy, wrestling with Brigham and informing us that she is 2 years old and will be turning 4 really soon!  Love that girl!
-Brigham is Mr. Destructo!  I actually just took a book away that he managed to rip 3 pages in 1.8 seconds.  He loves finding anything he can pull out of cupboards, pantries, off bookshelves and out of baskets.  He is always on the go and loves to antagonize Isabel.  He is learning new words and will attempt to say anything you ask him, even if it doesn't sound close to the real word.  Some of his favorite words are (not saying you can understand them though), are mama, apple, more, up, get-out, NO, happy, ball, doggy, night-night and bath.  He is such a sweetheart, but a spit-fire at the same time.  I can get him to snuggle for about 10 seconds when I sing to him at bedtime, and then he wants to wiggle again.  He loves to dance and can't help himself when he hears a tune (hmmm, sounds like another kiddo we have in the house).
I will post pics when I get a chance, I will get back on the wagon, I promise!