Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer is here!

The weather is warm and the humidity is getting worse, which means summer is coming! We have been able to enjoy the nice weather with bbq's, playing in the pool and just being outside. I love this time of year. The kids are doing great and still growing. Brigham is already 5 months, and I still can't believe it. He is doing great with cereal and I have tried squash with him and he LOVES it. I don't think I will have to worry about him getting enough to eat!

Isabel continues to be a great big sister. She is always asking to hold him and loves to give him hugs. He loves to laugh at her when she is being silly and it warms my heart to see how they love each other.
Here is how I think we will be spending most of our days out here. Isabel loves the pool and especially loves to eat popsicles outside. David got me a big beach umbrella to use outside because our house gets NO shade. This way I can be outside without getting heat stroke from the sun, so that should be nice:)

Brigham's first swim! He seemed to enjoy it, just like his baths. The water was really warm because I filled the pool in the morning and it had all day to warm up.

On Memorial Day we had a BBQ with some other dental friends at this cute little park. It was great to enjoy some nice weather and a great holiday with our friends. Now it is back to the grindstone for the summer. David has classes and clinic until the middle of July, so we are doing the same old thing till then.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

David got back from Utah on Friday night, so we still had Saturday and Sunday to spend together. We had so much fun. On Saturday we went to this lake out in West Omaha and went crappie fishing. Isabel loves fishing and David couldn't get the pole in the water fast enough for her. We stopped at Cabela's and bought live minnows and she thought that was pretty cool. David and Isabel caught 4 fish, let one go because it wasn't big enough and had 3 more that got off the hook right before we reeled them in. It was great to be out as a family enjoying nature and gets me really excited to go camping. David brought the fish home and fileted them out and we had them for dinner. i wasn't expecting them to be good, but man they were great! They were so delicate and just fell apart in your mouth. We battered them up and fried them and then made some onion rings and mozzerella sticks. David is always coming up with fun things for us to do! What a sweetheart!

Brigham and I sat in the chair and supervised the fishing.
Look at these two, I think it is so cute to watch them doing stuff together. David is so patient with her and is always teaching her things and letting her help do stuff.
On Mother's Day, David cooked us a wonderful sunday Pork Roast lunch and had strawberry cheesecake for me. He let me take a nap, which never happens because one child is always awake at any given time. So I got a little rest which felt nice. After our nap, we packed up our cute little minivan (or the spaceship as one of our friends affectionately calls it) and headed up to try mushroom hunting again. We found some this time!
The grass in the woods was so tall and Isabel had fun wading through it. I kept hearing her talking about everything (I don't know half of the stuff she was saying, but it was so cute to hear her narrating her little adventure).
David spotted the first mushroom and I was so surprised at how big it was. Supposedly they are this big delicacy out here. They look so weird and I was not at all interested in eating one, but it was like a treasure hunt to find them. We found 5 really big ones.

Yum! They are the weirdest looking things, they look like a sponge, not at all appealing to me!

Here is our wonderful chef (he would not make a normal face for me....wait a minute, this is normal!) He battered them up and fried them in butter. David says they are some of the best things he has eaten. I will take his word for it. I did try a tiny piece of it...I liked the batter, I will say that:). We had a great weekend, and I spent a wonderful Mother's Day with my 3 favorite people! We are so grateful for our mothers, they are both amazing women!

Rice, Rice, Baby!!!!

While David was in Utah, I decided to start Brigham on rice cereal. He will be 5 months this week, but he was always wanting to chew and suck on things, even right after he ate, so I decided to see if he would be satisfied with some rice cereal too. Wow! He did everything but lick the bowl clean:). He did so great and he is definitely ready for it! Isabel wouldn't eat it before she was 6 months, but this guy has a much bigger appetite than she did! He was so excited to sit in the high chair and grabbed for the spoon right away. He was going nuts!

Mmmmmmmm, that is good mom! The second the spoon would touch his mouth, he would root very agressively and spill most of the cereal. I couldn't keep it coming fast enough! So I grabbed a big medicine syringe and filled it up with cereal. He was in heaven with that! He would suck it right out of there and was much happier to have it coming faster!

After he ate, he was squealing at the top of his lungs, I think he was happy to have a full tummy!
This little guy brings so much happiness to our family. We love watching him grow and love seeing how he and Isabel are starting to interact. He gives a giggle when he catches her attention. I am so grateful to be a mother and have my family for eternity!

Time keeps moving

And life just seems to be going too fast! Our kids are growing so fast and we wish family could see them more often. But we are where we are supposed to be right now. Well David is officially a SENIOR. It is so crazy and I can't believe he is in his last year of dental school. Life is just flying by and I am reminded that I need to savour all of it, the good, bad and ugly! Our kids our growing, our lives our changing and we can't go back in time. I love our life right now and have a bit of anxiety about joining the "real world" of mortgages, paying back student loans, full time jobs and all the other "grown-up" stuff that we don't have to deal with while we are in school. So here is to making the most of our last year out here and making lots of fun memories!

A lot has happened these past few weeks. We found a van out in Utah and after David's finals, he had a few days off from school, so he flew out there to drive it back. It is a Sienna (like Carrie's, but not as luxurious), and we are so excited about it. I will post pics so you guys can all see it, but of course, it would be better to see it in person, so come out and visit us (we would love any of you guys to come out and visit us anytime!) Well I had the kids for a few days without David. We missed him terribly, but the kids were wonderful and we had lots of fun. Isabel helped me plant our flower bed, and she was so cute. As you can see, she enjoys wearing her sunglasses on upside down, I have no idea why, but she sure likes to make us laugh! Brigham sat in his saucer and supervised, he was great out there and talked and squealed lots. I have a feeling he is going to love being outside as much as Isabel does.

The weekend before David left to Utah, we went out to Lake Manawa and went mushroom hunting (no luck, but it was a perfect day) and played on this great playground that is at the campground.

Brigham enjoyed the swings and was all smiles and squeals while he was in there.
Here is our little mushroom hunter. She loves to walk through the woods and talks about everything she sees. It seems like she points out every stick she sees and every bird that flies by.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Flowers everywhere!

Our complex had a garage sale on Saturday and it was great. The weather was perfect and we were able to get rid of some of the things we never use. I also sold some of my bows and flowers. It was a good time and got me excited to do it again. I was a little sad because some cute flowers and headbands I was supposed to get before the sale didn't arrive until that day, right after the sale was over:( Oh well, at least I have them now. Take a look at them and let me know if you think they are cute too!

Oh yeah, we bought a van! There weren't any good ones out here, so we started looking in Utah with lots of help from David's parents and we found a great one. David has 3 days off from school this week, so he is flying out there and then driving it back here. I will admit that I am going to LOVE having a minivan! I am excited to see it. We will miss David and are sad we can't spend his break with him, but I guess this was just something we had to do!
I have some cute pics to post of our family this weekend, but it is late and I better get to bed while Brigham is sleeping.