Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The halo hides the horns!

Oh, I just love this little man!  He is so sweet, but so mischievous sometimes, but I can't get enough of his snuggles.  These little kids just melt my heart!

Dental School Graduation - May 15th

Well, better late then never, but I wanted to get these up here for journaling purposes.  I cannot believe that our journey that is dental school has come to an end.  There are so many emotions that I went through that day, it was wonderful!  These last four years have been such a whirlwind, but we have grown and learned (and aged) so much with this journey.  We had both of our children while David was in dental school, moved halfway across the country and made some wonderful friends and memories through it all.  I am so grateful for my husband and all he sacrifices for our family, we are so lucky he is in our lives.             So, I am trying to figure out this new format with blogger and can't write underneath each photo, so just enjoy the photos and make up your own captions:)

We are so proud of you David and know that you gave your heart and soul to your dental education.  Now he is in a 2 year pediatric dental residency program here in Salt Lake.  We are grateful to be closer to family and look forward to more fun these next two years.  He is lucky enough to be in the same program with his brother Sam, so we have fabulous neighbors right now:)  (literally, we live next door to each other which is so awesome!)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Maui in June = Paradise!!

Since I am LOOOONNNG overdue for some new posts, I thought I would start with our trip to Maui last month.  We went with David's parents, his brother and his wife, and David's little sister and her friend.  It was amazing and you can see from the pics!!!  We left the kids with David's sister, Liz, and they had the best time up there and we are forever grateful to her and her family!!!
Beautiful ocean front condo!
We hiked to a blowhole and this was some of the views, incredible huh?  The pictures just don't do it justice.
Our room with a fabulous jacuzzi tub and gorgeous views
I want one of these showers someday:)
The wind was crazy up by the blowhole, but so much fun
Our own private lanai, I am in love with this place!
Our boys risked their lives to pick these flowers and make us leis for the luau, plumerias smell incredible!!!
The luau was so much fun and it was right on the ocean which just added to the atmosphere.  We made ourselves sick on virgin pina coladas and lava flows!
Sam and Nicole looking pretty smooth at the luau
David was so deep in thought watching some of the dancing, I just love this pic.  Love my man!
It is hard to see, but there are lots of people snorkeling, as well as tons of sea turtles, this is one of our favorite places to snorkel.
This is David, trying to get out of the water on the lava rocks.  He would not go in the water without his shirt on because he was afraid of getting burnt:) 
And again, here he is wrapped in a towel because he was so afraid of the sun!  I can't blame him though, he got fried when we went a few years ago and was miserable the rest of the trip, and he got a little burned the first day on this trip, so he was through with taking any chances:)  Poor little lobster.
We all took a turn cooking a dinner for everyone.  David made a fabulous shrimp boil and I think we were all in heaven that night:)
This was along the beach path on ka'anapali beach.  It is so beautiful, you can't even believe it!  We had fun walking down to whaler's village and getting yummy samples of frozen yogurt (we probably had a few too many samples, but it was sooo good.  Toasted coconut and root beer float were my favorit fro-yo flavors:)
Oh man!  I am dying just thinking about this place it is so dang delicious!!!  It is called the Gazebo and they make THE best food!  We went there twice for breakfast cause we couldn't get enough.  We had macadamia nut banana pancakes with white chocolate chips and coconut syrup, oohhhhweeee it is good!  They also make this fried rice that is incredible.  I know, fried rice for breakfast???  Trust me, you will be in heaven (quite literally because you may eat so much you pop!)  We would come eat breakfast and then go snorkel with the turtles, what a way to spend in paradise!
This is the condo we stayed in, we had rooms on the 6th and 9th floors, and it was heaven.  They have the funnest pools, you could spend your whole trip there.  We liked to play bocche ball on the lawns and lay under the palm trees.
We love Bubba Gumps!
Bucket o' Boat Trash is one of our favorite things here.
We had to get our shop on in Lahaina and we had lots of fun bartering for jewelry and souvenirs
We went hiking through a bamboo forest and had to scale this scary ladder, then hike along a creek, jump in a waterfall pool and then swim 100 feet to a waterfall and climb it.  Sounds crazy, but it was one of the highlights of our vacation.
We went to Warren & Annabelle's and were selected to sit up by the table where Warren did his magic.  David got picked on by Warren, we got free pina coladas and we saw some amazing tricks!  Just ask us and we can tell you about the $100 bill I held in my hand while it burned, then appeared later in a lemon!!!
Some of us (not me) decided to bike down the backside of the volcano.  I didn't want to do it because I was 8 weeks pregnant, but David went and they had a good time.  Don't worry, I went and shopped instead:)
We had so much fun in Maui and can't wait to go back with the kids.  We are so grateful to David's parents for letting us come along and showing us such a great time. 

Hopefully, I can get back into blogging regularly. Lots of pics to post and stories to tell, so keep your fingers crossed I can get motivated:)  I am starting to feel better, so I have more energy to do things and wrangle the kids in.