Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Brigham!

Has it really been a year already?  Today little Brigham turned 1 and we celebrated this special little guy and all the happiness that he brings us.  David is neck deep in finals and so we couldn't do much.  We played with his toys today and built a fort for him to play around in.  David got home in time to sing him happy birthday and watch him eat his cupcake.  As I was finishing frosting some of the cupcakes, Brigham fell asleep in his high chair.  Poor little guy must have been tuckered out.

As you can see, he wasn't too happy with his cupcake.  He took a big handful of the frosting, and then got mad he couldn't get it off.  The chocolate cupcake looks like a soul patch on his chin!

I want to remember how he is at this stage.  Here are a few fun things about Brigham:
-He is walking great.  It is so cute to hear those little feet pitter patter around the house.  He is crawling up and down the stairs like a maniac and has free reign to destroy ( with everything in the house.
-He is learning how to wave.  Our home teacher was over last night, and Brigham gave him a big old wave and held his hand out to shake it.
-Brigham still loves music, just like Isabel.  They hear a music beat, and they can't help themselves and start shaking their groove thing.  When we turn the stereo on, he crawls over to it, and stands up and dances in front of it.
-He can say a few words: mama, dada, hi, no-no, night-night, uh-oh, and I think he tried to say ball the other day.
-He is so funny!  He tries to mimick every sound he hears.  From stuff Isabel says, to noises he hears around the house, or words we say, he will always give it a great effort.
-He likes the phone.  Whenever I answer the phone, he starts following me around,saying "hi, hi, hi, hi".  Anything that resembles a phone, he will hold up to his ear, what a character!
-Brother Brigham loves his baths!  You ask him if he wants to take a bath, and he takes off up the stairs, and bolts into the bathroom and stands by the tub, trying to crawl in and drumming on it until you can get him in.  He loves to splash and him and Isabel have some big giggle matches in there as the splash around.
-He is still very tender-hearted.  If you chew him out, or tell him no and are too stern, he gets a big pouty lip, and he will look at you with these sad eyes.  Then after about 5 seconds, he finally breaks out into a big wail and gets the saddest face.  Can't stay mad at that kid for long!
-He loves to find a mess and knows how to make one.  The toilet paper roll, folded laundry in  basket, the movies under the tv cabinet, the shoe basket in the closet, the pantry.  Anything he can get his hands on is fair game and he can make quick work of anything I just organized.  You can't get mad at him because he is so proud of whatever he is doing and looks at you with these big, excited eyes and wants you to be happy like he is!
-We can't imagine how life would be without him.  He is such a blessing and we look forward to watching him grow and learn.  I see so much of David in him and that makes me all the happier.  Brigham has the most amazing role model to look up to.  Aren't families the best?

Here is the angel baby the day after we brought him home.  He has always been so special and sweet.  He is full of love and life. 

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas is coming?!!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Our computer is giving us problems with the SDcard slot, so I can't get pictures easily.  We haven't been up to much.  David has been interviewing with Pedo programs this last month and we have been trying to stay sane with him gone.  He has a few more interviews before Christmas.  We are really excited and keeping our fingers crossed that everything works out.  The results come out January 25, and then we will know where we will be for the next 2 years. 

The kids are doing well.  Isabel is finally out of the crib.  She is doing well and likes her "big girl bed".  She is starting to talk a lot more and says some really funny things. 

Brigham is starting to walk.  It is so fun to see him walk between furniture with a big grin on his face.  He is still tearing everything apart and is starting to hold his own against Isabel.  He jabbers like crazy and loves to talk on the phone.  He found the tv remote the other day and held it up to his ear and started chattering away. 

We have the Christmas tree up and are really excited for Christmas.  Isabel is old enough to know what is going on and always asks for a baby doll for Christmas.  Thank goodness for easy requests:)  We will be in Utah for a few weeks over the break and are excited for the kids to get to play with some cousins. 
I had really good intentions of doing a family photo card for christmas, but I got realistic and realized that would never happen.  At least I had good intentions, right?